In somebody’s (the) crosshairs 被盯上了,被當成目標 to be in a position to be attacked or criticized (or to be the object of intense observation or scrutiny, usually as a result of some wrongdoing or unpopular opinion)


  1. His misbehavior in class put him in the principal’s crosshairs.
  2. The company illegally dumped waste water a decade ago and has been in the crosshairs of environmental groups ever since.




(Market Watch, 2019/3/26)

These Democrats and Media Figures Are in Trump’s Crosshairs after Mueller’s Report


A Trump campaign video and tweet from the White House press secretary are offering strong suggestions about which Democrats and media figures are going to come under the heaviest fire from the president.


(Techcrunch, 2019/06/03)

Alphabet, Apple, Amazon and Facebook are in the Crosshairs of the FTC and DOJ


A new deal between the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission will see U.S. regulators divide and conquer as they expand their oversight of Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook, according to multiple reports. (Alphabet原本就是Google, 2015年Google成立了母公司Alphabet, Google就是它旗下最大的子公司。)


Soundbites: ICRT’s podcast (中文解說)

Photos: techcrunch, Washington Examiner