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Monthly archive August, 2017
Universiade--Javelin Gold Medalist Zheng Zhaocun

Universiade–Javelin Gold Medalist Zheng Zhaocun

Taiwan’s Zheng Zhaocun (鄭兆村 on the left) staged a dramatic comeback Saturday night from trailing behind Germany’s Andreas Hofmann and Taiwan’s Huang Shifeng (黃士峰) to win a gold medal in the men’s javelin at Taipei Universiade. At his sixth and last try, he secured a throw of 91.36 meters, a new Asian record, breaking the previous record...Continue reading
English in the News-Wheels Coming Off 螺絲鬆了

English in the News-Wheels Coming Off 螺絲鬆了

When the wheels fall off (come off) something, it goes wrong or fails. It’s used to say that something suddenly stops being successful. (It’s used for saying that things start to fail or go wrong, especially after a period of success.) Example: The team was leading 3–1 at half-time, but then the wheels came off and they ended up...Continue reading