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Monthly archive September, 2021
English in the News--Steal the (One's) Thunder 搶了鋒頭(風采)

English in the News–Steal the (One’s) Thunder 搶了鋒頭(風采)

Steal one’s thunder—搶了某人鋒頭(鋒采) If someone steals your thunder, they do something that stops you from getting attention or praise, often by doing something better or more exciting than you, or by doing what you had intended to do before you can do it. Examples: My brother is the star athlete of our high school, so no matter what I succeed in, he’s constantly stealing my thunder. We were about to announce our engagement when Jeff and Tina stole our thunder and revealed that they were going to have a baby. (the U.S. Sun, 2021/09/12) Umpire Marijana Veljovic steals show at US Open as fans hail stunning official for final between Raducanu and Fernandez Stunning...Continue reading
English in the News--Come Hell or High Water 無論天崩地裂

English in the News–Come Hell or High Water 無論天崩地裂

Come hell or high water—無論天崩地裂,不論發生何事 This is used to say that something will definitely happen or be done even though other events or situation might make it difficult. (It means one is determined to get it done no matter what.) Examples: I’ll get you to the airport by noon, come hell or high water! Come hell...Continue reading