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Greenpeace Takes on Taiwan's Biggest Environmental Problems

Greenpeace Takes on Taiwan’s Biggest Environmental Problems

The international non-profit advocacy group Greenpeace (綠色和平) is spearheading several major environmental campaigns across Taiwan, working to issue in major systematic shifts that will reduce Taiwan’s carbon emissions and ecological pollution. Chih-An Lee, the project manager of Greenpeace’s energy team, says that human activity has already devastated Taiwan’s ecosystems. “We’ve see many ecological system collapse...Continue reading
English in the News--Go Bananas 瘋了,興奮到抓狂

English in the News–Go Bananas 瘋了,興奮到抓狂

Go bananas (Go nuts): to become irrational or crazy, angry or excited, to lose control 抓狂,氣瘋,高興瘋了 Examples: 1) If I’m home late again my dad will go bananas. 2) She went bananas when I told her the news—she just couldn’t stop jumping up and down. (CNN, 2016/09/01) This Chinese Fruit Juice Stock is Going Bananas!...Continue reading