Taiwan Talk is ICRT’s weekly talk / news segment that features interviews in English about every aspect of life in Taiwan including politics, culture, economics and art.

The show expands on ICRT’s news coverage by providing background and insightful commentary on the most important current events and ongoing trends in Taiwan.

Through thoughtful conversations with well informed guests, Taiwan Talk endeavors to present the perspectives of Taiwan’s international and local community while providing a resource to deepen understanding of everything going on in Taiwan.

Listening to the show’s broadcast

Taiwan talk interviews are broadcast in two separate segments, each about six minutes long. The first half of each episode is aired on Mondays during the 8am news cast and is rebroadcast during the 6pm newscast; the second half is aired on Tuesdays at the same times (generally they come in around five minutes after the hour). If you prefer to listen over the internet you can find a live stream of ICRT’s broadcast at the top of our home page here.

Listen online

We also release these interviews online. The interviews released on the podcast feature additional content that didn’t fit into the broadcast and generally tend to run between 15 and 25 minutes.

You can download episodes of this program online at ICRT’s website and on iTunes. New episodes are added every Wednesday (at the latest).

The podcast section of our website is best accessed using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Comments and Feedback

It’s our hope that Taiwan Talk will be a program that sparks thoughtful conversations about Taiwan, so if you have something to say about what you heard on the program we really do want to hear it! You can post a comment on the show pages posted on this blog, on ICRT’s Facebook page, or you can rate and review the show on iTunes. This lets us know what you’re thinking so we can bring you the kind of shows you want to hear, and it helps other people discover the show.

Hosts and Producers

Taiwan Talk is hosted by Keith Menconi. It is produced by Keith Menconi and Yvonne Yang.