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English in the News—Lie through One’s Teeth睜眼說瞎話,當面撒謊

English in the News—Lie through One’s Teeth睜眼說瞎話,當面撒謊

To lie through one’s teeth: 當面撒謊,睜眼說瞎話。To lie brazenly and unabashedly Examples: Stop lying through your teeth—we saw you there last night with our own eyes. I knew she was lying through her teeth but I didn’t want to say so at the time. (Fox News, 2019/10/02) Joe Scarborough accuses Mike Pompeo of being a “common...Continue reading
English in the News--Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 別多事

English in the News–Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 別多事

Let sleeping dogs lie: (informal) to leave a situation alone; not to interrupt or trouble a person, situation, etc. when this is likely to cause problems or disorder勿惹事生非,不要多事 Example: Remember, don’t mention that fight they had months ago—let sleeping dogs lie! (Tampa Bay Times, 2019/11/03) A St. Petersburg man couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie during...Continue reading