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English in the News-Make Short Work of someone/something 迅速完成,快速解決

English in the News-Make Short Work of someone/something 迅速完成,快速解決

Making short work of someone/something: 迅速完成,快速解決; To deal with someone or something quickly and effectively. Example: John made short work of the cake as soon as the waiter served it to his table. Our favorite badminton player made short work of her opponent last night. (New York Times, 2022/7/2) On a Long Climb to the...Continue reading
English in the News-Bite the Bullet 咬緊牙關

English in the News-Bite the Bullet 咬緊牙關

Bite the Bullet-咬緊牙關 To bite the bullet:  咬緊牙關; To get something unpleasant over with because it is necessary to do so. (To bite the bullet in a scenario is to perform the task regardless of its impact). Example: The students have decided to bite the bullet and study for the test. The couple decided to...Continue reading
English in the News--Steal the (One's) Thunder 搶了鋒頭(風采)

English in the News–Steal the (One’s) Thunder 搶了鋒頭(風采)

Steal one’s thunder—搶了某人鋒頭(鋒采) If someone steals your thunder, they do something that stops you from getting attention or praise, often by doing something better or more exciting than you, or by doing what you had intended to do before you can do it. Examples: My brother is the star athlete of our high school, so no matter what I succeed in, he’s constantly stealing my thunder. We were about to announce our engagement when Jeff and Tina stole our thunder and revealed that they were going to have a baby. (the U.S. Sun, 2021/09/12) Umpire Marijana Veljovic steals show at US Open as fans hail stunning official for final between Raducanu and Fernandez Stunning...Continue reading
English in the News--Come Hell or High Water 無論天崩地裂

English in the News–Come Hell or High Water 無論天崩地裂

Come hell or high water—無論天崩地裂,不論發生何事 This is used to say that something will definitely happen or be done even though other events or situation might make it difficult. (It means one is determined to get it done no matter what.) Examples: I’ll get you to the airport by noon, come hell or high water! Come hell...Continue reading
English in the News--Roll with the Punches 安然度過難關

English in the News–Roll with the Punches 安然度過難關

  Roll with the punches: to be able to deal with a series of difficulties and challenges; to accept the consequences of a choice; to accept the fate of a situation 安然度過難關: 從容應付連串困難 Examples: “The boss says we have to work tomorrow.” “On Sunday? That sucks!” “Well, you have to learn to roll with the punches.” Kevin...Continue reading
English in the News—Play it by Ear 見機行事

English in the News—Play it by Ear 見機行事

play it by ear 見機行事: to improvise or to do something without preparation; to decide how to deal with a situation as it develops, rather than acting according to plans made earlier Examples: 1) I don’t know we would end up tonight, so let’s just play it by ear. 2) “I can’t tell you what...Continue reading
English in the News--Under one's thumb 受某人支配

English in the News–Under one’s thumb 受某人支配

Under one’s thumb—under someone’s control or management; continually forced to submit to another’s will 在某人的支配或是控制之下 Examples: He’s got the committee firmly under his thumb. They agree to whatever he asks. They seem happy when they’re out and about, but I heard that Vicki is under her husband’s thumb at home. (Intelligencer, 2021/3/12) When Allesandra Biaggi...Continue reading
English in the News--Fly on the Wall 隱密觀察

English in the News–Fly on the Wall 隱密觀察

A fly on the wall – 隱密觀察,牆上的蒼蠅 One who is able to observe something closely but invisibly and without interfering in the situation. Examples: 1) I would love to be a fly on the wall in John’s house when he finds out his wife bought a new car without telling him. 2) For six months, a...Continue reading
English in the News—Step Up to the Plate 開始行動,上場表現

English in the News—Step Up to the Plate 開始行動,上場表現

Step to the Plate: 開始行動,上場表現 To move into batting position, to move next to the home plate (本壘板) in order to bat To come forward and take responsibility for something; to take action when something needs to be done Examples: He finally stepped up to the plate and asked Kate to marry him. If you...Continue reading
English in the News--Hit the nail on the head 一語中的,一語道破

English in the News–Hit the nail on the head 一語中的,一語道破

Hit the nail on the head:  To identify something exactly; to arrive at exactly the right answer; to describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem一語中的,正確指出問題癥結所在 Examples: 1) You really hit the nail on the head on that one! Good job! 2) He hit the nail on the head when he said the problem...Continue reading
English in the News--Blow Someone/Something Out of the Water 粉碎,擊潰

English in the News–Blow Someone/Something Out of the Water 粉碎,擊潰

Blow someone/something out of the water: 粉碎,徹底擊垮 to show that something is totally false or someone is totally wrong, to destroy or defeat something or someone completely Examples: 1) This new evidence will blow the prosecutor’s case out of the water. 2) She blew Kevin out of the water in their debate yesterday. (CNN, 2020/1/31)...Continue reading
English in the News--Cloak and Dagger 神秘離奇,詭秘陰謀

English in the News–Cloak and Dagger 神秘離奇,詭秘陰謀

Cloak and dagger: 神秘離奇,欺騙,陰謀 involving secrecy, deception, espionage and plotting, when people behave in a very secretive way Examples: “What is up with all this cloak and dagger talk? Is there something going on I don’t know about?” I said I wanted to meet you in private, but you don’t have to be so cloak-and-dagger about it....Continue reading