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English in the News--Roll with the Punches 安然度過難關

English in the News–Roll with the Punches 安然度過難關

  Roll with the punches: to be able to deal with a series of difficulties and challenges; to accept the consequences of a choice; to accept the fate of a situation 安然度過難關: 從容應付連串困難 Examples: “The boss says we have to work tomorrow.” “On Sunday? That sucks!” “Well, you have to learn to roll with the punches.” Kevin...Continue reading
English in the News--In the Crosshairs 被盯上,當成目標

English in the News–In the Crosshairs 被盯上,當成目標

In somebody’s (the) crosshairs 被盯上了,被當成目標 to be in a position to be attacked or criticized (or to be the object of intense observation or scrutiny, usually as a result of some wrongdoing or unpopular opinion) Examples: His misbehavior in class put him in the principal’s crosshairs. The company illegally dumped waste water a decade ago...Continue reading
English in the News--Keep Something(or somebody) at Bay 阻擋某事發生

English in the News–Keep Something(or somebody) at Bay 阻擋某事發生

Keep (hold) something (somebody) at bay—to keep something (somebody) away, to keep them at a distance 阻止某事發生,使某物(某人)不能接近 Examples: 1) These butterfly caterpillars have a powerful poison that helps keep their predators at bay. 2) The antibody helped keep the man’s HIV at bay for years. (BBC, 2017/7/26) Maori haka and language may keep dementia at...Continue reading
English in the News--Double Down on 加倍下注,更加堅定

English in the News–Double Down on 加倍下注,更加堅定

Double down on (something)—加倍下注,更加堅定 to do something in an even more determined way than before Example: With the market booming, many companies are doubling down on their development in mobile apps and games. (CNN, 201/12/02) Alongside Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks is co-starring in the upcoming film “The Post,” which tells the story of The Washington Post’s controversial...Continue reading

Looking South Episode #9 – Malaysia

ICRT’s Eric Gau chat with Representative James Chang of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia about the impact the New Southbound Policy will have on ties with that country.  Continue reading
English in the News--Mansplaining 男性解釋

English in the News–Mansplaining 男性解釋

  mansplain—it’s a combination of two words “man” and “explain.” 男性解釋 Cambridge Dictionary’s definition: this word means to explain something to someone in a way that suggests that they are stupid; used especially when a man explains something to a woman that she already understands. Example: I’ve just had a guy mansplain my own job to me. (Rex Huppke,...Continue reading
English in the News--to get under someone's skin 惹毛,惹火

English in the News–to get under someone’s skin 惹毛,惹火

Get under someone’s skin惹毛或惹惱–to annoy or irritate someone Example—A: His bad temper really bothers me! B: I know, but don’t let him get under your skin. (New York Times, August 29th, 2016) In compiling research to help Mrs. Clinton prepare (for the presidential debate), her advisers have cast a wide net. They contacted Tony Schwartz,...Continue reading
English in the News--Rant and Rave 叫囂,大聲抱怨

English in the News–Rant and Rave 叫囂,大聲抱怨

rant and rave (為了某人或某事)叫囂,激昂地講話 : to talk or complain loudly or angrily about someone or               something   Examples: 1) Why don’t you stop ranting and raving for one minute and listen to me? 2) Kelly rants and raves when her children don’t obey her.  Used in the news...Continue reading
Taiwan Talk: "Taiwan's Changing Media Landscape"

Taiwan Talk: “Taiwan’s Changing Media Landscape”

We speak with Taiwan based freelance journalist Jane Rickards about her recent article for Taiwan Business TOPICS magazine, which takes a hard look at the state of Taiwan media in 2016. We discuss the strengths and challenges of Taiwan’s often sensationalist news media, along with some new players on the scene that may shake things up...Continue reading
Taiwanese Business Students Complete 112-km Walk in Chinese Desert

Taiwanese Business Students Complete 112-km Walk in Chinese Desert

Business administration students from four Taiwanese colleges completed a four-day journey on foot through a desert in western China on Monday, with participants from National Taiwan University winning an award for sportsmanship. Students enrolled in MBA programs at NTU, National Chengchi University, Tunghai University and National Sun Yat-sen University were honored yesterday for completing the...Continue reading