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Monthly archive June, 2018
Aaradhna to Perform at Matariki Festival in Taiwan

Aaradhna to Perform at Matariki Festival in Taiwan

New Zealand R&B and soul singer Aaradhna will be in Taiwan to celebrate the Maori New Year. The multiple award-winning artist will perform at a free concert at Tiehua village in Taitung this Friday.Continue reading
English in the News--Move the Goalposts 朝令夕改,改變規則

English in the News–Move the Goalposts 朝令夕改,改變規則

To move the goalposts: to unfairly change the rules or conditions of a procedure during its course 朝令夕改,改變規則 Examples: 1) A: I can’t believe the sales target has been changed again! B: Neither can I. It’s totally unfair! They keep moving the goalposts. 2) Many companies have, in recent years, moved the goalposts so that those...Continue reading
"Ant-Man and the Wasp" Stars in Taiwan

“Ant-Man and the Wasp” Stars in Taiwan

Actors Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are in Taiwan this week to promote their new superhero movie – “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” Lilly arrived on the island late Sunday while Rudd arrived here in Taiwan this morning. Rudd waved to members of the press and fans on his arrival at Taoyuan International Airport and told...Continue reading
World Music Day 法國音樂節

World Music Day 法國音樂節

If you’re looking for a little exotic taste in food and music over the weekend, the Fete De La Musique, also known as the World Music Day, would be a great choice. Held at Taipei Expo Park on Saturday, the festival features live band performances and DJ, a French market and vendors offering French food...Continue reading
English in the News--Razzle Dazzle 炫目花招

English in the News–Razzle Dazzle 炫目花招

razzle dazzle:  1) noisy and noticeable activity or very colorful appearance, intended to attract attention 熱鬧鋪張,華麗誇耀的活動 Amid all the razzle-dazzle of the political party convention, it’s easy to forget what the real issues are. 2) elaborate action or maneuvers designed to deceive or confuse an opponent, as in a sports contest 炫技花招 It’s a team...Continue reading