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English in the News--    See Eye to Eye 看法一致; One on One 一對一

English in the News– See Eye to Eye 看法一致; One on One 一對一

See Eye to Eye: to agree with someone, to share someone’s opinion or position 看法一致   One on One: direct person-to-person encounter 一對一    Continue reading
English in the News--Written in the Stars 命中注定

English in the News–Written in the Stars 命中注定

Written in the stars: 命中注定 it was fated or predestined to happen; it was meant to be this way Examples: 1) Their marriage was surely written in the stars. 2) I don’t think my fame was written in the stars. I think it was a product of my hard work and dedication. (CNN, 2016/02/07) 2016...Continue reading
English in the News--Walk(On) a Tightrope 走鋼索

English in the News–Walk(On) a Tightrope 走鋼索

Walk (on) a tightrope: to be in a situation where one must be very cautious 走鋼索,(必須非常小心的)危險處境 (tightrope: a rope or wire high above the ground that someone walks along in a circus) Examples: 1) I’m walking a tightrope at the moment; one more mistake and I may very well lose my job. 2) The general...Continue reading
English in the News--Charm Offensive 魅力攻勢

English in the News–Charm Offensive 魅力攻勢

Charm offensive: a calculated attempt using charm or flattery to gain favor or achieve some goal, especially in the political or diplomatic field 魅力攻勢 Examples: 1) A charm offensive is currently underway to convince him not to quit. 2) Microsoft went on a charm offensive to win over open source programmers. (South China Morning Post,...Continue reading
English in the News—Hand Over Fist 快速賺錢(賠錢)

English in the News—Hand Over Fist 快速賺錢(賠錢)

Hand over fist—at a very fast pace; for money and merchandise to be exchanged rapidly 快速(賺錢或賠錢) easily and in large amounts Example: I was at two of your stores and there were long lines of people at both. If you’re not making money hand over fist, something is terribly wrong. (WV News, 2018/3/17) Sports entities...Continue reading
English in the News--Throw under the Bus 把別人推下水

English in the News–Throw under the Bus 把別人推下水

Throw under the bus: 1) to exploit someone’s trust for one’s own purpose or gain; to harm someone through deceit or treachery 為了己利犧牲他人 2) to avoid blame, trouble or criticism by allowing others to take the responsibility 讓別人擔責以逃避指責或麻煩 Examples:  1) Tommy was caught with drugs in his backpack, but he threw me under the bus...Continue reading
English in the News—Cut from the Same Cloth 如出一轍

English in the News—Cut from the Same Cloth 如出一轍

Cut from the same cloth—very similar in characteristics or behaviors 如出一轍,本質上很相似 Examples: 1) Julia and her mother are cut from the same cloth as they are both kind and sweet. 2) The country’s new president is cut from the same cloth as his predecessor. (New York Times, 2/26, 2018) President Donald Trump’s critics say that while he may...Continue reading
English in the News-Jump the Gun 操之過急,搶先偷跑

English in the News-Jump the Gun 操之過急,搶先偷跑

Jump the gun—To start something before it is permissible, appropriate, or advisable. The phrase alludes to starting to run in a foot race before the starting gun goes off 操之過急,搶先偷跑 Examples: 1) Henry jumped the gun and sent the manuscripts to the printer before boss approved them. 2) “How about going out to celebrate?” “Well,...Continue reading
English in the News--Once in a Blue Moon 久久一次,罕見

English in the News–Once in a Blue Moon 久久一次,罕見

Once in a blue moon–rarely, 久久才一次,罕見 The term “blue moon” is something of a misnomer, because an actual blue moon-that is, the appearance of a second full moon in the same calendar month-occurs every 32 months or so. Further, the moon can appear blue in color at any time, depending on weather conditions. Examples: 1) My sister...Continue reading
English in the News--Make a Beeline for 直奔過去

English in the News–Make a Beeline for 直奔過去

Make a beeline for–To head directly and quickly toward a person or a place; go straight to 直奔過去(毫不遲疑) Examples: 1) Billy came into the kitchen and made a beeline for the cookies. 2) Every day when I come home from work, my toddler makes a beeline for me—it’s just the cutest thing. (The Telegraph, 2017/12/01)...Continue reading
English in the news--Straight from the Horse’s Mouth 根據最可靠消息

English in the news–Straight from the Horse’s Mouth 根據最可靠消息

  Straight from the horse’s mouth—根據最可靠消息(直接從馬嘴裡聽來), from the original or most reliable source  (If you get a piece of information from the horse’s mouth, you get it directly from someone who is involved in it and knows most about it.) Examples: 1) A: “Is next Monday really a holiday?” B: “Yep. Our teacher was ahead...Continue reading
English in the News--Wear One’s Heart on One’s Sleeve 情感展露無遺

English in the News–Wear One’s Heart on One’s Sleeve 情感展露無遺

Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve—流露情感,情感或情緒展露無遺 to display one’s feelings openly and habitually, rather than keep them private (emotionally transparent) Examples: 1) Sam always wears his heart on his sleeve, so everyone knew how he was feeling. 2) It was evident that he was in love with her. He wore his heart on his sleeve and...Continue reading