You may know her as “the girl who made that killer one-hit wonder with Kanye West in the song…whatchamacallit?…right, “American Boy”, but this 35 year-old British rapper, singer/songwriter, producer and Grammy winner has recently unveiled her fourth studio album, and we like it. We are, of course, talking about Estelle and her True Romance.

It is always a difficult grind for musicians whom enjoy stardom beyond their nature to have to follow-up with material equally compelling as their previous hit(s) or to continue entertaining a fan base that was never meant for their sorts of ‘sound’. Many lose their ways doing so, and Estelle certainly has been looking for hers in the last few years. Her collaborations with industrial producers such as Kanye West,, Wyclef Jean, Ne-yo, and John Legend, among others, have certainly shown us that she has been doing some ‘soul’-searching. Her music is really a West London-esque mixture of soul, R&B, reggae, hip hop, and maybe even a little bit of trip hop or drum and bass. That is why we are glad to announce that while exploring another fusion with a different genre, house music, Estelle has not only found her roots but also transcended them with something rather unique.

Estelle’s new studio is loosely divided into themes including ‘courage’, ‘passion’ and ‘true romance’, the latter being also the title of this record. Join DJ Joey on air for a selection of some essential tracks in the album True Romance.