With the opening of fast-fashion retailer H&M earlier this month, everyone is buzzing about the lines, the clothes, and what’s to come on the Taiwan fashion scene.

We spoke with H&M’s Showroom Manager James Chang to get the skinny on Taiwan’s first ever H&M store, and the question that everyone is dying to know: designer collaborations?


We were on the scene at H&M’s grand opening to hear what shoppers had to say as soon as they stepped out of the store.

We missed out on getting the names of these gentlemen, but both walked away with loaded bags, and said they had a good time.

Chia and Jamie loved every minute of the entire experience, and said they looked forward to returning soon for another shopping trip.

Nicole and Austen traveled all the way from Kaohsiung to check out the grand opening. They did come out of the store with purchases, but Nicole said she was a bit disappointed with the selection in the store.

“It was a little over-hyped”, she said. Austen agrees.

Sunnie is also from Kaohsiung, and just happened to be in Taipei that day. She says she’s excited about H&M in Taiwan, but the long wait in line tired her out, and made her less excited about her shopping experience.

Sounds like H&M is off to a mixed start here in Taipei, but we’ll be keeping our eye on the Swedish retailer to see how it caters to shoppers in Taiwan!