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Aaradhna to Perform at Matariki Festival in Taiwan

Aaradhna to Perform at Matariki Festival in Taiwan

New Zealand R&B and soul singer Aaradhna will be in Taiwan to celebrate the Maori New Year. The multiple award-winning artist will perform at a free concert at Tiehua village in Taitung this Friday.Continue reading
Swinging on a Star: Estelle's True Romance

Swinging on a Star: Estelle’s True Romance

You may know her as “the girl who made that killer one-hit wonder with Kanye West in the song…whatchamacallit?…right, “American Boy”, but this 35 year-old British rapper, singer/songwriter, producer and Grammy winner has recently unveiled her fourth studio album, and we like it. We are, of course, talking about Estelle and her True Romance. It...Continue reading
Swinging on a Star: Mark Ronson's Uptown Special

Swinging on a Star: Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special

Close to a year ago, Bruno Mars appeared at the Super Bowl half-time show, sharing the stage with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although he had already released two platinum albums by then, It was still incredible to see Bruno Mars delivering a live show the way he did, making everyone in the stadium (even the...Continue reading
Dawn of Soul from France: Ben L'oncle Soul

Dawn of Soul from France: Ben L’oncle Soul

Many consider soul music to be a product of the most glorious chapter in American music history, the 60’s. It birthed from the vigorous brass sections of jazz, matured with the smooth harmonies of gospel and transcended with the rhythmic groove of blues. Soon after iconic legends like Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin...Continue reading