On the rocks—觸礁 in a state of ruin or bankruptcy

Examples: 1) Their marriage is on the rocks. 他們的婚姻觸礁了。

2) Don’t put your money in that bank. It’s on the rocks. 那家銀行情況不佳。


(Los Angeles Daily News, 2017/01/19)

With Obamacare on the rocks, LA “mega-clinics” could be in higher demand


(Celebrity Laundry, 2012/5/30)

Brace yourself for this shocking news: It looks like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ relationship could be on the rocks! 聽聽這驚人的消息: 湯姆克魯斯和凱蒂的關係可能已觸礁!

(Daily Mail, 2017/0/08)

Marriage in trouble? Stick it out, you WILL be happy! Two out of three couples on the rocks after their first child was born said they were content a decade later.  婚姻出現問題嗎? (研究顯示) 堅持下去,幸福會再來! 生下頭胎之後婚姻出現問題的夫妻,每三對裡面就有兩對十年之後說他們過得挺滿意。

Sound: ICRT podcast

Photo: officialpsds