Billed as one of the “2016 Best Winter Trips” by the National Geographic, the annual Ping-xi Sky Lantern Festival in New Taipei city is slated for this Saturday.

Organizers are urging people to take mass transportation vehicles as there will be strict road traffic restrictions.

The period of time for releasing the lanterns is from 6 PM to 8:30 PM that night, however, traffic measures will start much early on.

Organizers say traffic on the two roads leading to the venue, Shi-fen Plaza, will be banned from entering Ping-xi Town from 9 AM on February 11th.

Starting 4 PM until midnight, the two roads will be totally shut down, so the best way to get there will be by Taiwan Railway trains or shuttle bus.

The shuttle buses will run on three routes from Taipei Zoo, Rui-fang train station and Ji-long train station.

This year only one such event is scheduled for celebrating the Lantern Festival, so if you miss it, you would have to wait until October 4th, the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Photo: idv