mansplain—it’s a combination of two words “man” and “explain.” 男性解釋

Cambridge Dictionary’s definition: this word means to explain something to someone in a way that suggests that they are stupid; used especially when a man explains something to a woman that she already understands.

Example: I’ve just had a guy mansplain my own job to me.

(Rex Huppke, a blogger with Seattle Times, 2016 May)

As America’s most-beloved workplace advice columnist and a man, it’s high time I address the subject of workplace “mansplaining.”

If you aren’t familiar with the term, it describes the all-too-frequent instances when a man explains something to a female co-worker in a condescending (居高臨下) manner. It often begins with the man interrupting the woman — “Actually …” — or talking over her, all so he can explain something she already understands.



(Washington Post, 2016, March)

Behold, the ways in which male world leaders mansplain International Women’s Day!


(Parliament of Australia, 2016)

“Mr. Speaker, I’d rather get an answer than the mansplaining I’m getting.”



sound: ICRT podcast

photo: ronedmondson