Get under someone’s skin惹毛或惹惱–to annoy or irritate someone

Example—A: His bad temper really bothers me!

B: I know, but don’t let him get under your skin.

(New York Times, August 29th, 2016)

In compiling research to help Mrs. Clinton prepare (for the presidential debate), her advisers have cast a wide net. They contacted Tony Schwartz, the “Art of the Deal” co-author, to give them advice about Mr. Trump this summer. Clinton advisers said Mr. Schwartz and other writers who had observed Mr. Trump up close, as well as unnamed psychology experts they had spoken to, were critical to understanding how to get under Mr. Trump’s skin.


(Chicago Tribune, Sept. 2, 2016)

In 2014, Microsoft partnered with NFL to replace the binders of NFL players’ photographs with Surface Pro tablets. But some teams didn’t use the devices right away. Some called the tablets “iPads” or “knock-off iPads,” which really got under the skin of Microsoft executives.

微軟公司2014年跟國家美式足球聯盟搭檔,用它的Surface Pro平板電腦取代原先球隊慣用的大文件夾來放球員的照片。但是有的隊球剛開始根本不用,有的把它叫做[iPad] 或是[假iPad],讓微軟高層大為惱火。

photo: pest control

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