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"Captain America:Civil War" Tops Taiwan and US Box Office

“Captain America:Civil War” Tops Taiwan and US Box Office

“Captain America: Civil War” is winning the war for top spot at the box office both in Taiwan and in the US. The latest offering from Marvel, and third installment of the Captain America series was released in Taiwan on April 27th, in time for the Labor Day long weekend. And moviegoers flocked to theaters,...Continue reading
Marvel's Goddess of Thunder Thor is Now a Woman

Marvel’s Goddess of Thunder Thor is Now a Woman

Thor is now the Goddess of Thunder – as Marvel Comics announced Tuesday the hammer-wielding Norse superhero will be a woman in upcoming comic book issues. The publisher says it hopes to attract more girls and women to comic books with this change, which is one of the most shocking to hit the “big three”...Continue reading
Preview: Guardians of the Galaxy

Preview: Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel has dropped another trailer for its upcoming cosmic comic book movie, Guardians of the Galaxy! To be honest with you, while I’m a big fan of comic books, I know very little about this particular property. Part of that reason is because I actually grew up with a different team of Marvel superheroes that...Continue reading