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Captain America: Civil War” is winning the war for top spot at the box office both in Taiwan and in the US.

The latest offering from Marvel, and third installment of the Captain America series was released in Taiwan on April 27th, in time for the Labor Day long weekend.

And moviegoers flocked to theaters, allowing the Russo brothers film to sit comfortably in the top-earning spot that weekend, raking in $169 million NT*.

Now in its second week showing, Civil War is up to $300 million NT in Taiwan ticket sales.

Captain America Civil War Chris Evans Falcon Scarlet Witch Winter Soldier Antman Hawkeye

The Team Cap and Team Iron Man faceoff also scored big over the Mother’s Day weekend in the US, opening at the number one spot at $5.9 billion NT in ticket sales.

The movie edged out Iron Man 3 to become the fifth strongest US opening ever.

On that list, Civil War comes in behind The Avengers: Age of Ultron ($6.2 billion NT), The Avengers ($6.7 billion NT), Jurassic World ($6.8 million NT), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($8 billion NT).

And feeding the social media furor, Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. posted a faux movie poster on his Facebook page yesterday.

The image shows Captain America actor Chris Evans and Downey Jr. seated in typical rom-com fashion, under the title “Civil War: You’ve Never had a Break-up Like This“.

Captain America Civil War Iron Man Robert Downey Jr Chris Evans

The post has racked up almost 790 thousand likes so far.


photo source: Captain America Facebook, Robert Downey Jr. Facebook

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