To lie through one’s teeth: 當面撒謊,睜眼說瞎話。To lie brazenly and unabashedly


  • Stop lying through your teeth—we saw you there last night with our own eyes.
  • I knew she was lying through her teeth but I didn’t want to say so at the time.

(Fox News, 2019/10/02)

Joe Scarborough accuses Mike Pompeo of being a “common thug” who’s “lying through his teeth” for Trump


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough lashed out at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday and accused him of being a “common thug” and a “criminal” who has been “lying through his teeth” for President Trump.

Scarborough claimed Pompeo should have known better than to side with Trump over his controversial phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky because he attended West Point.


(the West Point honor code is concise and plain: “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” 學員榮譽準則: 不得撒謊、欺騙、行竊,也不得容忍他人有這種行為。)

(the Independent, 2019/6/26)

The title of Thom Yorke’s new album Anima, is derived from his belief that spending time online causes us to disconnect from real life.


Speaking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 in a new interview, the Radiohead frontman, composer and solo artist explained the he feels society has “started to emulate what our devices say about us and emulate the way we behave from that”.

Yorke是搖滾樂團吉他手,作曲家和單曲創作歌手。他接受Beats 1音樂廣播電台訪問時說,他覺得整個社會開始向社群團體名人看齊,向他們的行為看齊。

“The reason we can watch Boris Johnson lie through his teeth, promise something that we know will never happen is: we don’t have to connect with it directly because it’s a little avatar.

他說這是為什麼我們(指英國人)可以看著首相Boris Johnson睜著眼睛說瞎話,講一些我們很清楚根本做不到的承諾。因為我們跟他講的東西沒有直接關係,他只是個虛擬化身。

Sound(中文解說): ICRT podcast

Photos: Politico, the Independent