See Eye to Eye: to agree with someone, to share someone’s opinion or position 看法一致


One on One: direct person-to-person encounter 一對一



Examples: 1) His mom and I just don’t see eye to eye about his decision to quit college.

2) We see eye to eye in everything we do. It’s amazing!

One on One: in direct person-to-person encounter 一對一,直接溝通或接觸

Examples: 1) Spending one-on-one time with your children will make them feel special.

2) I’d rather settle this with her one on one.

3) The two presidents don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on political issues like the Iran nuclear agreement, despite the bond that Trump insists they share.

(New York Times, 2018/4/27)

Trump and Merkel Meet One on One, but Don’t See Eye to Eye

 President Donald Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany made no attempt on Friday to hide their disagreements over the future of the Iran nuclear deal and trade relations between the United States and Europe.

“We need a reciprocal relationship, which we don’t have,” Mr. Trump said, standing beside Ms. Merkel at a news conference in the ornate East Room of the White House. “The chancellor and I have discussed it today at length, and we’re working on it. And we want to make it more fair and the chancellor wants to make it more fair.”

“We had an exchange of views on the current state of affairs of the negotiations, and the respective assessments on where we stand on this,” Ms. Merkel said curtly. “And the decision lies with the president.”



(Arkansas Times, 2017/12/30)

The New York Times’ Michael Schmidt got a rare one-on-one interview with Donald Trump Thursday at his resort in Florida.

How? Well, Schmidt was taken to lunch at the Trump National Golf Course grill by Trump insider Chris Ruddy, who regularly defends Trump on TV. Ruddy brought Schmidt over to Trump’s neighboring table and they were soon off and running.

紐約時報記者Schmidt星期四那天,在佛羅里達州川普的度假別墅很難得的有機會跟美國總統做一對一訪問。他是怎麼辦到的呢? Schmidt那天是跟著川普的老朋友Ruddy去川普全國高爾夫球場午餐,Ruddy 常常上電視替川普辯護。他帶著Schmidt到隔壁川普坐著的那一桌,他們兩人很快就聊開了。

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Photos: New York Times, gramslearning