Written in the stars: 命中注定 it was fated or predestined to happen; it was meant to be this way

Examples: 1) Their marriage was surely written in the stars.

2) I don’t think my fame was written in the stars. I think it was a product of my hard work and dedication.

(CNN, 2016/02/07)

2016 election: Which candidate will triumph in the Year of the Monkey?

 If Donald Trump believes his victory is written in the stars, he may just be right.

With the Year of the Monkey and the New Hampshire primary upon us, CNN asked Hong Kong fortune teller Priscilla Lam to divine the fates of the candidates battling it out for the U.S. presidency.

A practitioner of feng shui, she combined the art of face reading with analysis of the candidates’ birthdays and current life cycles according to the Chinese Zodiac. She says the new lunar year will fuel good fortune for “earth dog” Donald Trump, while also lighting a fire under Hillary Clinton.

如果川普相信他命中注定會贏,他很可能是正確的.農曆猴年以及美國總統大選初選即將來臨,CNN請教了香港的算命師Priscilla Lam,請她看看競爭大位的那些候選人命運如何.


(The Guardian, 2018/04/20)

Meghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton

In 1936, an American divorcee called Wallis Simpson almost brought down the British monarchy. Just over 80 years later, another American divorcee, Meghan Markle, is set to give the British monarchy a new lease of life. Yet Wallis and Meghan have even more in common than just being American and divorcees: they have both had biographies about them by me published this year. Some things are truly written in the stars.



Sound (中文解說): ICRT podcast

Photos: astrology, CNN, the Guardian