Cut from the same cloth—very similar in characteristics or behaviors 如出一轍,本質上很相似

Examples: 1) Julia and her mother are cut from the same cloth as they are both kind and sweet.

2) The country’s new president is cut from the same cloth as his predecessor.

(New York Times, 2/26, 2018)

President Donald Trump’s critics say that while he may not yet have eroded democracy in the United States, his populist appeals and nativist policies, his palpable aversion to the news media and traditional checks on power, and his stated admiration for some of the strongest of strongmen are cut from the same cloth.


(Delaware Online, 2018/1/15)

Biden said he was invited to give the keynote to speak about what lesson learned from Dr. King’s leadership may still be especially relevant today. The former Vice President called King one of his two political heroes along with Robert F. Kennedy. “They’re cut from the same cloth,” said Biden.


Photos: Telegraph, pinterest

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