He’s one of a handful of people to have an Oscar, a Tony award, and multiple Grammy awards.

His gold and platinum-certified albums consistently top the charts around the world.

And singer-songwriter-actor John Legend recently sat down with ICRT’s DJ Joey to chat about his latest album, and upcoming Asia tour.

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Legend is set for one show on March 19th in Taipei, at Nangang C3 Plaza, as part of his Darkness and Light tour, which also takes him through China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

The 39-year-old crooner says he’s looking forward to playing for his fans and enjoying delicious Asian cuisine.

While his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, and daughter Luna will accompany him for the first half of the tour, they will return home before Legend hits Taipei.


Legend says he approaches his music by writing several songs, then finding an overarching theme, and then using that theme to title his albums.

For Darkness and Light, Legend says he wants to highlight that there is both in the world, that people will experience fear, uncertainty and conflict, but also find family, life, and love. He says he wants to encourage people to search for the latter.

For his last track “Marching Into the Dark” in particular, John says he explored the uncertainty of not knowing what the future would bring. He says people who give their lives to struggle for freedom and justice for others may wonder if those others will ever understand what they’ve been given, or if they will ever reach that promised land. But the star says such efforts must continue.


The singer will star in NBC’s live concert version of Jesus Christ Superstar, and celebrate his daughter’s 2nd birthday all in April.

John is also looking forward to the birth of his second child, a baby boy in June. He says parenthood has had a major effect on his career, making him think about everything he does, and providing inspiration for his songwriting.

And finally…

Legend says his Taipei show will be all about music, love, and connecting with each other, and he hopes to have a fun, energetic and loving night for his fans.


photos source: John Legend Facebook