Make a beeline for–To head directly and quickly toward a person or a place; go straight to 直奔過去(毫不遲疑)

Examples: 1) Billy came into the kitchen and made a beeline for the cookies.

2) Every day when I come home from work, my toddler makes a beeline for me—it’s just the cutest thing.

(The Telegraph, 2017/12/01)

Members of the public had been waiting since 6am to meet the newly-engaged couple, waiting in the freezing cold with gifts including bunches of flowers, Haribo – Prince Harry’s favourite sweet – and homemade cards.

Ms Meghan Markle, who is undertaking her first official Royal engagement in Nottingham today, made a beeline for children, dogs, and seemed thrilled to meet the many American students who had turned out to see her.


(CNN Travel, 2017/10/30)

But for a more local (read: less touristy) experience, and far superior grub, head for 1A Duong Thanh Street on the western side of the Old Quarter — about a 10-minute walk from Bia Hoi Corner. Bia hoi is an easy, and ubiquitous, option if you’re simply looking to cool off with a light lager.

And for those seeking high-quality, craft beers? We’d recommend making a beeline for the Standing Bar. The city’s first dedicated taproom overlooks the tranquil waters of Truc Bach Lake and gets creative with its recipes.

遊客若想要最道地的經驗,還有高明得多的食物,就去河內老城區西邊的Duong Thanh街一號,從Bia Hoi Corner走去大約十分鐘。Bia Hoi本身就是個不錯的頗受歡迎的選擇,要是你只是想喝杯清淡啤酒涼快一下。


Photos: the Telegraph, CNN

Sound(中文解釋): ICRT podcast