Taiwan rock band Mayday played mind games with fans at their Chicago concert last night.

The windy city was the second-to-last stop on the North American leg of the five-man group’s “Life World Tour”.

Between sets at the historic Auditorium Theater, frontman Ashin jokingly challenged his bandmates to make fans say “No”.

Drummer Guan You had first run, and asked fans “Mayday won’t work overtime tonight, okay?”, to which fans easily replied “No!”.

Ashin followed with “Mayday won’t NOT work overtime today, okay?”, leaving fans confused and laughing over how to reply.

And bass guitarist Masa topped that with “Mayday WON’T CAN’T NOT work overtime today, okay?”, and everyone, including the band members, was at a loss for an appropriate response.

The rockers next travel to Toronto, Canada to perform, before making their way back to Asia.


photo source: 五月天 Mayday Facebook