Taiwan Kpop star Chou Tzuyu is set to become the fourth Taiwanese to perform at the Red and White Year End Song Festival in Japan.

Yesterday, broadcaster NHK announced its lineup for the star-studded year-end musical extravaganza, which divides singers into two teams to compete for votes from judges and the audience.

The event is invitation-only, and selected performers are considered the cream of the crop in Japan’s music industry.

This year, Kpop girl band TWICE has been invited to attend for the first time, making Chou the fourth Taiwanese to perform at the show, behind Ou-Yang FeiFei, Teresa Teng, and Vivian Hsu.

TWICE has been making inroads in the Japanese music industry with their Japanese language single “One More Time” selling 201-thousand copies within six days, and taking the top spot on Japan’s Oricon Albums Weekly Popularity Chart.

The group is also the fourth Kpop band to be invited to the festival, behind TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and KARA.


photo source: TWICE Facebook