Living (from) hand to mouth: To be very poor, having only enough money to provide food and shelter each month 處境窮困,收入只夠負擔吃住

Example: My dad earned very little and there were 4 kids, so we lived hand to mouth.

(BBC, 10/12, 2017)

Tonight 120,000 children in England will spend the night in temporary accommodation. This week the government pledged to “fix the broken housing market” and invest an extra £2bn in affordable housing. (……)

“They changed the universal credit payment cycle and I got into debt. I tried to pay it off but I’m living hand-to-mouth. I work overtime just to be able to feed my kids. We don’t have any luxuries. I get paid and the money goes out the same day.”


(New York Times, 10/05, 2017)

The idea for “The Florida Project” came about five years ago, inspired by news stories about families — the “hidden homeless” — living hand-to-mouth in cheap motels after losing jobs and homes in the Great Recession. Mr. Baker and his writing and production partner, Chris Bergoch, homed in on tourist lodgings that had become quasi-welfare motels in central Florida.


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