Foodies in Taiwan should whet their appetites for gastronomical delights, as the famous Michelin Guide is coming to Taipei!

The company announced that its set to publish its reference guide for Taipei restaurants early next year.

The Michelin Red Guide, which rates eateries for excellence, is considered one of the most prestigious ranking systems for hotels and restaurants.

Sharp-tongued celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay reportedly CRIED when his New York restaurant The London lost its two Michelin Stars a few years ago (The Daily Mail).

Now Michelin officials say the guidebook aims to offer its high-quality services to Taiwanese consumers and introduces Taiwan’s delicious food to the whole world.

They says anonymous food critics will follow strict procedures when reviewing restaurants here in Taipei just like everywhere else.

Local media have reported that it cost the Tourism Bureau 90 million NT to invite the Michelin Guide to come to Taiwan and that local food experts were tapped by the publisher for consultations.


photo source: (middle) Michelin Guide Singapore