Crown jewel—the best or the most valuable thing that a person or place has, the most valuable or attractive thing in a collection or group 御寶,最有價值之物


  1. Prague’s crown jewel is the old town center.
  2. These two paintings are the crown jewels of the museum’s collection.

(Forbes, (2017/06/29) China took control of Hong Kong, which was once called the crown jewel of British colonies, to much fanfare 20 years ago. Clearly there’s much work to be done over the next two decades to ensure the city retains not just its shine but its significance.


(New York Times, 2017/04/11)

Few companies have embodied Japan’s industrial might like Toshiba, whose products run the range from hair dryers to giant gas-fired electricity turbines, as well as nuclear reactors. But it has faced a spate of recent stumbles in core businesses as well as a scandal over falsified profits  that came to light in 2015.

Toshiba said it hoped the planned sale of shares in its chip division, its crown jewel, would alleviate the uncertainty over its future. While Toshiba has not said exactly how much of the business it will sell, even a minority stake is expected to be worth several billion dollars.



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