Swiss cheese–瑞士起士,一種有許多洞的起士

If something has more holes than a Swiss cheese, it has a lot of problems; there are many things wrong with it. (It is incomplete, and lacks many parts.)

Example: Her argument has more holes than Swiss cheese. 她的論點漏洞百出。




(Elite Sports, 2017/3/22)

The New York Knicks have a plan. It just has more holes than Swiss cheese.  紐約尼克隊是有自己的計畫,只不過它漏洞百出。

(New York Times, 2012/8/28)

The problem with FreedomPop’s claim that you can get “fast and free Internet everywhere” is that WiMax isn’t everywhere. Not even close. To say the coverage has more holes than Swiss cheese is a grave insult to Swiss cheese.

廠商 FreedomPop 宣稱它的產品可以讓你隨處都擁有快速免費的上網服務,但問題是WiMax並非到處都有,差得遠了。若我們說這項產品的涵蓋範圍比瑞士起士還要多破綻,這對瑞士起士是嚴重羞辱。

Sound: ICRT podcast

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