Wait for the other shoe to drop—to wait for the inevitable next step or the final conclusion, to wait for something bad to happen 等第二隻鞋子掉下,等待無可避免的壞消息或是結論

Example: My company has already laid off half of the employees. Now the rest of us are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

(The Huffington Post, 2017/3/2)

What to Do While Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop  等待結論時該怎做什麼

When it comes to Trump’s misadventures, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. There’s so much trouble brewing just beneath the surface that new scandals or disasters are likely to erupt any moment now. In the meantime I’m fantasizing about the exact nature of these about-to-burst calamities. (By Byron Kennard, contributor)


(CNN, 2017/03/12)

Speaking on a different CNN program Sunday, Republican Senator John McCain, a top Trump critic, called for greater “scrutiny” in dealing with Russia.

“There’s a lot of aspects with this whole relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin that requires further scrutiny, and so far I don’t think the American people have gotten all the answers,” McCain said.

“In fact, I think there’s a lot of shoes to drop from this centipede.”

經常抨擊川普的共和黨參議員馬侃周日接受CNN訪問時,要求加強調查美國政府跟俄國之間的往來。馬侃說:[美國和俄國以及普亭之間的關係有很多層面需要進一步審視。我覺得美國大眾到目前為止都沒得到全部的答案。] 他還說:[這隻蜈蚣其實還有很多鞋沒掉下來—還有很多我們不知道的事件。]

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Photos: k.club,  CNN