Get a leg up–獲得一臂(腿)之力

  1. To receive a physical boost or lift upward 獲得助力,獲得別人推升

I think I can reach the roof if I can get a leg up from someone.

  1. To receive support, encouragement, or an added advantage 得到幫助或好處

Our after-school program is aimed to help students get a leg up in any subject they’re having difficult with.

I wouldn’t have been able to afford college if I hadn’t gotten a leg up from my parents.

(Seattle Times, April 9, 2016)

Drone photography gives real-estate agents a leg up in hot markets 

Drone photography is growing fast in the real-estate industry, fueling a new form of digital advertising for agents and sellers. And while the trend is national, the tech-obsessed Bay Area may well be its ground zero as agents try to stand out from the competition in a famously hot market.

“It gives them a leg up,” said Walton, who uses his remote-controlled flying machines to shoot the cool videos that prospective buyers have come to expect — the tech types and foreign investors who won’t make a move toward purchasing a house without first inspecting it online.




(BBC, Oct. 25, 2016)

The government says the aim of the £2.5bn apprenticeships plan is to boost the number of people of all ages able to gain high-quality skills and experience, and to improve the overall skills of the workforce.

Skills Minister Robert Halfon said the latest changes would “boost our economic productivity, increase our skills base and give millions a leg up on the ladder of opportunity”.


Photos:, dailytelegraph

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