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In this episode, we speak to Jesse Duffield about his new Taiwan travel books aimed at helping vegan and vegetarian travelers stay well fed during their stay in Taiwan.

The two guidebooks are titled Taipei in 4 days: a Travel Guide for Vegans, and Taiwan: A Travel Guide for Vegans. You can learn more about the books and get a whole bunch of vegan info for Taiwan residents and travelers at Jesse’s blog, Vegan Taiwan.


A sign advertising vegetarian cuisine


More vegan reads

A review of Jesse’s book from Han Cheung of the Taipei Times

Another article from Han on a recent culinary accolade granted to a vegan restaurant in Taiwan

The New Vegan Movement in Taiwan, a Ketagalan Media article reporting on veganism as a movement in Taiwan

World’s hottest destinations for vegans, top 10 list from CNN. Taipei makes an appearance.

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