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Taipei Ranked Most Vegan-Friendly City in Asia

Taipei Ranked Most Vegan-Friendly City in Asia

Taipei has been ranked as the most vegan-friendly city in Asia by PETA, thanks to a burgeoning collection of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes. The American animal rights organization cites Taipei’s “cutting-edge vegan meals and a powerful community of animal advocates” as factors behind the northern city’s top spot. The group lists several well-known...Continue reading
Taiwan Talk: A vegan's guide to Taiwan

Taiwan Talk: A vegan’s guide to Taiwan

Listen to the podcast version of the show at the ICRT website, on iTunes, or DOWNLOAD IT HERE! In this episode, we speak to Jesse Duffield about his new Taiwan travel books aimed at helping vegan and vegetarian travelers stay well fed during their stay in Taiwan. The two guidebooks are titled Taipei in 4 days: a...Continue reading