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Monthly archive August, 2016
English in the News--Cherry-picking 精挑細選

English in the News–Cherry-picking 精挑細選

cherry pick—摘櫻桃,仔細挑選  to select the best or most desirable from (a group) Examples: Isn’t there a danger that the state universities might start cherry-picking the pupils with the best exam results? 這難道不會有[州立大學可能率先挑選考試成績最優學生]這樣的危險? (BBC, 6/29/2016) In a speech to the German parliament before leaving for Brussels, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU was strong enough...Continue reading
"Fresh Off the Boat" in Taiwan to Film Season 3 Premiere

“Fresh Off the Boat” in Taiwan to Film Season 3 Premiere

Vulture entertainment news website is reporting that the Season 3 Premiere of the US sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat” will see the Huang’s coming to Taipei on a family vacation. The Huang’s will be in town for the wedding of Louis’ younger brother, Gene. Season 2 finished with a ‘polite Chinese fight’ between Louis (played...Continue reading