Fresh Off the Boat Huang Family

Vulture entertainment news website is reporting that the Season 3 Premiere of the US sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat” will see the Huang’s coming to Taipei on a family vacation.

The Huang’s will be in town for the wedding of Louis’ younger brother, Gene.

Season 2 finished with a ‘polite Chinese fight’ between Louis (played by Randall Park) and Gene (played by guest star Ken Jeong).

Fresh Off the Boat Huang Family sitcom

And the Season 3 opener is set to be in filmed here in Taiwan.

It will see the cast traveling to the island for a three-day shoot this week to film the season premiere against a backdrop of some of Taipei’s most famous landmarks, its cuisine, and of course, its well-known night markets.

“Fresh Off the Boat” Season 3 is set to air on ABC on October 11th.


photo source: Fresh Off the Boat Facebook