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This week, we continue our new interview series for Taiwan Talk. Just to recap, Taipei Times Features Writer Han Cheung is exploring Taiwan history with his weekly column Taiwan in Time. Each Sunday, he takes on one event that occurred during the following calendar week. So we’re going to set aside one show a month to check in with Han, and follow him down the rabbit hole of Taiwan history. This week, he brings us four stories that happened in Taiwan some August way back when.

The steam locomotive No.6 Chi-tien(掣電) of Taiwan Railway

Steam locomotive No.6 Chi-tien(掣電), Taiwan Railway

Here are links to Han’s write ups on the four events we discuss in this show:

The resilience of suppressed tunes, August 7th

The two fathers of Taiwan’s railroads? August 14th

Legend of the ‘red leaf’ in question, August 21st

Defending the homeland to the death, August 28th

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.