Trump 2

rant and rave (為了某人或某事)叫囂,激昂地講話 : to talk or complain loudly or angrily about someone or               something  

Examples: 1) Why don’t you stop ranting and raving for one minute and listen to me?

2) Kelly rants and raves when her children don’t obey her.

 Used in the news (NBC, 8/2/2016):

“I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest,” the Republican nominee for U.S. president said. “I could have a very nice life right now; I don’t have to be with you people, ranting and raving,” Donald Trump said at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, after noting that “it takes guts” to run for president.

美國共和黨總統候選人川普宣稱: [我要說實話,今年的大選恐怕會被動手腳。] 他又說;[我本來現在可以舒舒服服過日子,不必跟你們在一起,大喊大叫的。] 川普今天在哥倫布會議中心發表這些談話,然後又表示競選總統需要膽量。


Photo: The Wrap