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rsz_china_taiwan_cross-strait_relations_tsai_ing_wen_china_reactionDespite China’s strident criticism of President Tsai Ing-wen’s omission of the 92 Consensus in her inaugural address, many analysts predict that Beijing is unlikely to put a significant pinch on cross-strait exchanges; we try to read between the lines to see what lies beneath the rhetoric coming out of both sides of the Strait. Then in the second half of the show, we discuss some of the more prominent changes already enacted by the newly minted Executive Yuan, including changes to Taiwan’s labor laws, a new dialogue mechanism set up to handle maritime disputes with Japan, the dropping of charges against Sunflower protesters, and more.


We also discuss McDonald’s latest controversial add which has angered doctors throughout Taiwan.


Keith Menconi and Gavin Phipps of ICRT News


Chieh-Ting Yeh of Ketagalan Media

Paris Huang of Voice of America

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