Mayday Hong Kong concerts Just Rock It 2016 Ashin

A couple’s moment of joy is causing ire among Mayday fans, and may have cost the Taiwan band hundreds of thousands in fines.

Reports say Mayday’s concert Tuesday night at the Hong Kong Coliseum was interrupted when a fan suddenly walked out into the aisle, and proposed to his girlfriend.

Concert organizers and Mayday seemed to have no knowledge of the fan’s plans, with lead singer Ashin pausing mid-sentence and saying “What? A proposal?”

The singer recovered by joking that concert staff have to handle a lot of work, checking tickets, maintaining order, and acting as witnesses to the marriage.

Although the band continued with their set after the couple finished with their romantic moment, the concert still ended 10 minutes later than scheduled, resulting in fines of about $170,000 NT.

Some Mayday fans took to social media to express their anger, accusing the male fan of being “selfish” and calling for him to pay the fine.

To make matters worse, the fan in question later posted a message on a Mayday fan page, asking for video footage or photos of his proposal, drawing many angry and sarcastic replies.

Mayday Hong Kong concerts Just Rock It 2016The band’s handlers B’in Music released a statement yesterday, saying that the 10 minute delay was caused by multiple factors, and even though they had “no foreknowledge of the event”, they still wished the couple all the best.

Tuesday night’s concert is the fourth of Mayday’s “Just Rock It 2016” world tour.

The band is set to play in Hong Kong until June, and will also make stops in Taiwan, Singapore, China, then Malaysia.


photo source: Mayday Ashin Facebook