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We discuss the controversy surrounding the execution of MRT knife killer Cheng Chieh, one Taiwan group’s decision to weigh in on the Philippine’s ongoing South China Sea case, and anger stoked by wording in Taiwan’s World Health Assembly invitation. We also hear from Free Taiwan Party Chairman Tsay Ting-kuei (Aquia Tsay) on what he’ll be looking for from President Elect Tsai Ing-wen come inauguration day.

During our bonus podcast segment, ICRT Southern Taiwan Correspondent Michael Smith gives a report on Kaohsiung’s newly opened Taroko Park.



Keith Menconi of ICRT News


Klaus Bardenhagen, a Taiwan based freelance journalist reporting for German Language media

Michal Thim, a Taiwan defense specialist and a Research Fellow at the Prague-based think-tank Association for International Affairs

Bob Kao, a California licensed lawyer currently researching shipping law and maritime piracy, and the writer behind the well known Taiwan Law Blog

Michael Smith, ICRT Southern Taiwan Correspondent

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