chou tzuyu 周子瑜 Huang An 黃安 TWICE flag Taiwan One China JYP

The controversy over holding an ROC flag on television continues today for Chou Tzuyu, as her management company said the Taiwan member of the South Korean girl group TWICE firmly supports the “one China principle”.

Due to the flag flap, Chou has lost an endorsement deal for a smartphone produced by the Chinese company Huawei.

The star’s management company JYP Entertainment said in a statement Thursday that “Tzuyu strongly supports the one China principle and respects that principle.”

JYP adds that Taiwan is Tzuyu’s homeland, and being Taiwanese does not necessarily mean she is in favor of Taiwan independence.

chou tzuyu 周子瑜 Huang An 黃安 TWICE flag Taiwan China JYP Entertainment

South Korean media says cellular carrier LG Uplus, which markets the Huawei Y6 phone in South Korea, has suspended all cooperation with Tzuyu and her management company on Huawei products.

The controversy arose after the 16-year-old Tzuyu appeared recently on the South Korean variety show “My Little Television” holding an ROC flag.

Sixteen-year-old Chou became a member of TWICE last year after winning in a South Korean TV talent show.

photo source: TWICE Facebook page


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