chou tzuyu 周子瑜 Huang An 黃安 TWICE flag Taiwan China JYP

Taiwan’s Chou Tzuyu of K-pop girl group TWICE has found herself at the center of major controversy, after the group’s record label indicated that all of Chou’s scheduled events in China were cancelled.

The announcement comes after a Taiwan actor Huang An accused Chou of being a “separatist in favor of Taiwan independence”.

Many media outlets speculate that Huang may be basing his allegations against Chou on one of her appearances on a South Korean television program, in which she held an R.O.C. and South Korean flag.

chou tzuyu 周子瑜 Huang An 黃安 TWICE flag Taiwan China

Huang, who’s taken his career to mainland China in recent years, has also accused other Taiwan artists, including indie singer-songwriter Crowd Lu, and One Million Star winner Yoga Lin, of being “separatists”.

South Korean entertainment company JYP yesterday announced on its China branch website, that Chou’s scheduled appearances and events in China have all been cancelled, until the “untrue rumours” have been cleared.


photo source: Chou Tzuyu Facebook fanpage (top), TWICE Facebook page (middle)