Dee Hsu 徐熙娣 小S concert petition Superstar 紅白 singer host

Television host Dee Hsu is getting some unexpected love, after over 10,000 of her fans signed a petition for Hsu to put on a concert at the Taipei Arena.

After a strong showing on the New Year’s Eve special program “Superstar” just two weeks ago, Hsu had joked that she would hold a concert, if 10,000 people expressed support for the idea.

Much to the actress-singer’s surprise, her fans responded by setting up an online petition, which garnered over 10,000 signatures after around 2 hours.

Taking to Facebook yesterday, Hsu thanked fans for their support, and joked that her face has become “crooked” from shock.

Dee Hsu 徐熙娣 小S concert petition Superstar singer host

The former “Here Comes Kang Xi” co-host also spoke to news outlet Apple Daily about the incident, saying that she was willing to rise to the challenge, but will need two years to prepare.

Hsu’s supporters have already chimed in with suggestions for concert guests, including A-mei, the currently retired Jody Chiang, and Hsu’s older sister, Barbie.


photo source: TTV,  Dee Hsu’s Facebook page