Darren Wang Our Times actor 王大陸 我的少女時代 movie

Taiwan actor Darren Wang has announced that he is striking out on his own, after declaring the termination of his contract with producer and agent Angie Chai on Wednesday.

Wang, who shot to fame last year playing a notorious ganster at school in the movie “Our Times”, cited conflicts with Chai and difficulty adjusting to the general atmosphere at Chai’s talent agency Star Ritz as reasons for leaving.

Responding to criticism that he was being ungrateful, the 24-year old asked “If I hadn’t become popular after ‘Our Times’, would my leaving still be called ‘ungrateful’?”

Questions continue today over whether Wang would make good on his plans to set up his own company.

A report from Apple Daily discussed rumours of whether Wang’s father, an antiquities collector and dealer, would put up capital for his son’s venture.

Wang himself has repeatedly denied relying on family connections and wealth to further his career.


photo source: Our Times Facebook