The National Pingtung University of Science and Technology has imported an animal physiotherapy system from the United States to establish an animal rehabilitation center.

The director of the university’s animal hospital, Chung Chengshu, says the system includes ultrasonic wave, electrotherapy and laser therapy equipment.

The hospital will also install motion treadmills and other equipment to give animals other forms of physical therapy.

According to Chung, house pets are living longer in modern day, and these animals are facing the same nagging ailments that trouble humans – such as aging bones, joints, and ligaments.

The center is being financed by a government grant that the school received as one of Taiwan’s model science and technology universities. The grant hopes to improve the school’s facilities and contribute to research projects.

Chung said that in addition to developing the physiotherapy system, the animal hospital is engaged in researching 3-D printing models of animal bones and the establishment of a remote-controlled interactive training system.


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