In 2007, a young singer/songwriter flew 3000 miles away from her hometown, Philadelphia, in search of a new life in the city of angels, Los Angeles, on her 21st birthday (possibly inspired by the movie Coyote Ugly). She married a video producer later that year and dove into the industry with her husband. In 2009, the marriage went awry and she moved back home with a broken heart. This is when she decided to turn her sorrow into songs, among which was a track called Jar of Hearts. A year later, she found the opportunity to play that song on the American TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” for a certain choreography that the world no longer remembers. What we do remember now, is that close to 220,000 people crazed over the single and immediately purchase it on iTunes. The rest is what we call a Cinderella story. This young lady, who is now 28 year-old with two studio albums, one EP, and a second world tour, is Christina Perri.

Christina’s debut album released soon after, as she had enough material put away in her creative vault. She simply needed to record and produce them. By 2011, the album Lovestrong was certified platinum and entered top 10 on album charts in at least 8 countries around the Western world. Three years later, she decided her second album Head or Heart deserves a world tour and brought her music as far as Asia. She will be performing in Taipei at ATT Showbox on March 1st, 2015.

According to her concert-goers’ reviews, Christina is as much as musician as an inspirational storyteller. She shares her gratitude and her dream-chasing life experiences in music while singing to the melting hearts of her fans. “I said ‘no’ all the time,” she said. “The first big yes was when my brother asked me to move to L.A. That first yes led to a whole lot of yesses.” She added, “You can get unstuck too – maybe just start saying yes.”

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If you listened to the Christina Perri special, and are wondering which songs we played for you. Well, here they are:

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts
Christina Perri – Be My Forever (feat. Ed Sheera)
Christina Perri – I Believe
Christina Perri – The Words