A Taiwan crew member says production in Taiwan on Martin Scorsese’s new film “Silence” will not be halted despite a fatal accident on the film’s set Thursday.

“(Scorsese) thinks Taiwan is a good place to shoot films. We have informed him of the incident and he is very sad about what happened,” said David Lee (李良山), who is working with Scorsese on “Silence.”

A long-time assistant to director Ang Lee (李安), David Lee explained that the crew had hired workers to reinforce the structure that had collapsed earlier in the day, killing one worker and injuring two others.

Official sources earlier had said that the workers were dismantling the building at the Chinese Culture and Movie Center in Taipei.

David Lee stressed that filming on the project will not be halted despite the tragedy. He did not, however, make it clear whether production would be delayed.

Scorsese is shooting much of the film set in 17th century Japan in Taiwan, and work was expected to begin Thursday or Friday, but the details of his filming schedule have been kept closely guarded.

Taiwanese authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.


photos courtesy: AP