In late June, 2014, a bona fide summer hit swept through radio stations across North America and quite literally put women’s large behinds high up on that pop cultural pedestal. We are now at the height of an era that celebrates the curvy end of female anatomy, and it’s all thanks to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”.

Okay, maybe Nicki Minaj deserves some credit, too. But Meghan certainly does it with much more class and positive connotations. “All About That Bass” has got that nostalgic girl-group and doo-wop sounds with hip-hop attitude and a positive, love-your-body moral. It pleases the ear drums of a variety of audience. And no doubt that Grammy-voting moms and dads lapped it all the way up to two separate nominations at this year’s 57th Grammy: Song of the Year (vs. Chandelier, Shake It Off, Stay with me, Take Me to Church) and Record of the Year (vs. Chandelier, Shake It Off, Stay with me, Fancy)

However, let’s not get too carried away with just one single. Meghan’s recent musical development has fallen much further from the roots of her 2014 summer hit. As of January, she has finally turned her 4-track doo-wop-esque EP, titled “Title”, into a full-blown eclectic album that explores everything from synth pop, to hip-hop, to soul and may even a little bit of funk.

Now I know what you are thinking, I’ve thought about it, too. If you are one of the unfortunate souls who bought the EP in September, 2014, and absolutely loved the record, you are now wrestling with the demon on your shoulder whom is telling you why not spend another 260 NTD to get the full deluxe version of the new “Title”. Well, if, like me, on your other shoulder sits the conscious budget for the musical expenditure portion of your wallet, then join me, DJ Joey, for a look at some of the new tracks in the record before giving-in to Meghan Trainor’s bottom-heavy awesomeness.

We are going to do an in-depth review at this new album on ICRT FM100 between 1~2pm. So make sure you join us on air!